Sometimes I long to lock them in!

I am sure mothers everywhere must know the feeling, you are just enjoying a bit of me time, a bit of grown up TV, when you here the door go upstairs and your stomach does a flip “which one is it this time?”

The thing is I always know it will be youngest, who at nearly four still hasn’t got the hang of going to bed correctly.

Over the years we have had many reasons, I don’t like the dark, light, bedding, shadows, screaming, my tummy hurts, It is not my favorite bed anymore. You name it , he has tried it. Youngest is an enigma when it comes to going to bed.

But the thing is he really needs his sleep, he is a grouchy pain in the ass without it. What makes it worse, is that he will often disappear late afternoon and you will find him tucked up somewhere asleep. Yesterday it was behind the couch in the sitting room on top of a skateboard.

Then we have oldest, getting him to sleep is no issue, 7pm on the dot he will take himself up to bed and that it is till about 5.30 am! We have tried keeping him up longer, but it doesn’t work, he still wakes at this godforsaken hour each day.

If we manage to keep him from going up to bed, he will often just fall asleep in the middle of a conservation needing the Man of the House (henceforth known as MOH) to carry him up.

So I get it at both ends of the day. both are too big to put a stairgate back on their doors, which is ashamed and even I can not bring myself to add locks to the outside of their bedroom doors, but we do discuss it often!

I live in the hope that they will both end up like typical teenage boys, with me screaming at them to get their backsides out of bed, but I am not sure that I can last the next 7 years until that happens.

Sleep, something that is often in short supply here in suberbia, something that MOH and I fight for.  You get up with them, its your turn, but it is a bank holiday – you get up with them.

I try to encourage them to snuggle back down and have a mummy and daddy cuddle, but to no avail, which one of us is going to give in first.  Oh bollocks, I need a wee, guess I have just forfitted any chance of extra sleep, due to my weak bladder.  Thanks boys, not only do I have to get up with you, but the reason I lost is due to having given birth to you.

Oh the joys of motherhood, pass me a cup of hot steaming tea will you

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